Published by Bad News Books, Wellington, 2018

200 × 280 mm, 72 pages, 66 colour plates on 150gsm New Silk Matte.
Case-bound with a printed linen cover.

Photographed 2015–2017

In Michael Mahne Lamb’s ‘Complements’, a drowsy flight cabin hums as an umbrella gives cover to scrub, and glowing plastic furniture floats in darkness. Recall the experience of watching a train pass through a short tunnel—familiar and visually interrupted, yet psychologically completed. Translating this perceptual effect into a still image, the interpretative possibilities open a library of visual concepts from past individual experiences; the back of an anonymous head calls for an old friend’s face; just as sealed train doors call for a routine destination.

ISBN 978-0-473-42958-4

First edition of 50

"In Complements, a 2018 New Zealand Photobook of the Year finalist, Michael Mahne Lamb makes the contrast between wildly different images the focus of his work. There’s unity in the portrait shaped images, which extract detail from the world with a strong emphasis on graphic design. But, playing with our need to supply narrative, the paired images offer only shape, associative detail or colour with which to make connections, like the black and white checkered floor paired with an image of a woman’s finger touching a nine of hearts card. It’s a work for those who enjoy a touch of the conceptual in their photobooks."
– Mary Macpherson, PhotoForum NZ

"Every page sings! The superbly shot witty and complex images, combined with space and rhythm, make this a simple, effortless and elegant read."
– Judges Comment, NZ Photobook of the Year Awards 2017